About us

About us

"Building lasting relationships with our partners and employees while serving the recreational and travel community. Our core values shall be based on Honesty and Integrity and Service to the Community."

On March 7th, 2011 Buckeye H-D® was born in Dayton, Ohio. Since day one our mission has been to deliver the ultimate customer experience through a team that was built through dedication and devotion to the brand. It is a team that has a deep connection with our customers and strives to make dreams a reality. We are fueled by brand loyalty and the trust that our customers place in us to deliver premium quality and the promise of offering a lifelong ownership experience.

We believe that owning and working for a Harley-Davidson® dealership is a privilege. We employ a team that has more Harley-Davidson® work experience, riding miles than most and whose passion produces the very best results. Those qualities mean our customers receive superior service the first time. We listen and understand what is important because we share the Harley-Davidson® passion as well as the open road.

After thirteen exciting years, we appreciate all of the relationships we've established and look forward to the many more to come! Rediscover the Back Roads with Buckeye H-D®.

Why Purchase from Your Local Dealer?

  • Convenience - Close to home, your local dealer provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the product, as well as on-site inventory for you to tour and test drive prior to making your purchase.
  • Relationships - Purchasing locally allows you to establish a relationship with your dealer representative providing you with the convenience of service and support when you need it.
  • Service after the Sale - Many dealers put their purchasing customers first when it comes to getting your coach serviced. You will experience the value your local dealer can add to your purchase.
  • Local Economy - Local purchases help to keep tax dollars and people at work in your community.